Fingerprint Series
Perfect Combination of Precise Techniques and Accurate Production Technology
Product Center|DESSMANN Series
German high-end fingerprint lock model
Smart lock industry leader brand
Wear-resistant Metal Parts / German Technique
The mechanical parts are made of high strength metal such as stainless steel and manganese; and the electronic, fingerprint and mechanical modules are designed independently, ensures the safety and high quality of the products.
Thickening Zinc Alloy Body, Firm and Shock Resistant
Passed most rigorous acid salt spray test
German HIEYIE Algorithm
Instantaneous acquisition of customers using habit, and keep improving the user experience
Dual operating system
Dual operating system,Provide two settings, young people can choose to
set up and control the smart lock on the smart hand machine,
the elderly children can choose in the smart lock touch screen,
in a simpler way to set up and control the smart lock.
Real smart APP upgrade iteration every week
DESSMANN independent research and development, to achieve real mobile app linkage lock,
all the locks in the mobile phone to complete, at a glance, proprietary encryption technology, security equivalent to the Swiss bank.
*Bluetooth transmission, short distance, more secure, low power consumption,Batteries 4 and 5 can be used for one year
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